How did they do it?

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    Take a look at these pages:


    Check the spammy links. These links are of sites with very impressive SERPs and stats. Here's an example.

    Avg. 3.6 (398 pgs)
    PR0 10 (2.5%)
    PR1 4 (1.0%)
    PR2 9 (2.3%)
    PR3 151 (37.9%)
    PR4 175 (44.0%)
    PR5 43 (10.8%)
    PR6 5 (1.3%)
    PR7 1 (0.3%)

    Unsurprisignly, this site is #1 in G for some seriously commercial kwds and it just sits there while sites promoted by BH (spamming links in forums for example) just come and go. So are these white hat links built by someone who collected all these sites or are they hacked in some way. They are all old sites that look abandoned. I don't believe this is link exchange.

    Interestingly, more or less the same links appear on all 398 pages. That's got to be a big clue. I suppose it must laborious WH since most of the domains whois to the same privacy service. But I thought I'd fish for ideas anyway.

    So, if you are the guy who did this and you are for hire, PM me!

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