How Did it Happened? massive like flooding!

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Gaiusf, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Hi. I just want to share to you guys this newly built facebook Fanpage "trending world Cup". Based on my research, the page was built just this 18th of May, but it didn't have any activity since then. I discovered it when i post an image related to world cup with the hashtag of "worldcup" my post did came viral in a matter of seconds with 88 likes and reached 14k audience. I was shocked because i didn't share my post to my timeline and my page has only 138 likes. I did furthered my research and found that the hashtag was the reason, so when i look for the hashtag trend of "worldcup" i found the Fanpage which has no single post and just one profile photo but the likes are still growing massively well. Facebook has even verified this page. Check the fanpage and can anyone explain how did it happened? page creator is unknown. im sure there is black coding for this just to explode the likes. currently, has 150k likes.

    anyone to explain?
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    Isn't this an auto generated page done for the coverage of a popular event (facebook(.)/worldcup)? Posts with #worldcup show up there.
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    Likes can be generated by many tricks but this is the worldcup so it was just only game lovers who liked the page and things.. I tell you the reason why people are doing smart work nowadays, they know if they involve their page/link/brand name to something related to viral venture.. their services also be seen my lot of people.

    That is the first reason I would say people do like the page/photo - 2nd reason could be when this pages gets crawled it will also be seen by search engines so that is also a free exposure to their links.

    How anyone can miss this opportunity man.. so people do stuff like this.
    Am not sure I may be wrong with this theory but seems lot of things involve to do.

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    Did you check insights? A lot of pages have been rapidly growing when they get added to facebook suggestions recently, have seen some pages get as much as 10-12k new fans a day everyday for weeks.