How can I safely move my earnings?

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    Hello everyone,

    So after two weeks of negotiation and deliberation, I have finally come into a deal with a long time family friend. We have a completely great hookup with a Chinese warehouse selling us high quality replicas. We will be dropshipping everything, and we are planning on doing this with ABSOLUTE discretion and secrecy.

    So here is my question, or rather questions...

    We are starting by pushing through various places, but will be accepting all payments on Paypal for now. Now, we do not want our names involved in ANY of this. No paper trails, no SSNs, addresses, etc...

    My question is, how can we safely move money from Paypal down into hard cash?

    One of my ideas was have a few different Paypal accounts available, and accepting payments across all of them, then transferring them into a main Paypal account, and then having the main Paypal account possibly linked to an off-shore bank account. Which we then could wire transfer funds to our accounts here in the states. Is this viable, or is there an easier way?

    I also considered possible using the money in the Paypal accounts to buy Bitcoins, then cash the bitcoins out into our real accounts.

    Any ideas? Oh, and please don't give me any grief about how "shady" it might be or whatever. I am trying to protect myself from any copyright issues, and all that crap.

    Thanks! :D
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    Hey, out of those options I'd say the bitcoin route was the best way to go.

    I'm not sure, but I think PayPal would flag the other option as suspicious activity, and once they started to ask you to start verifying accounts you'd be in a fix, unless you wanted to get into stuff a lot deeper than copyright infringement.

    I had a mate who scammed paypal a lot, but I dont know his method or how he kept getting account, I do know that he was always complaining that they were getting frozen, then he had to wait 180 days before he could withdraw to the bank account of his choice.

    Also, paypal let anyone they believe is an authoritative agency access to your records at their request (police, tax office, fraud squad etc.) and I dont think they have much oversight of the reasons or evidence they are requesting for.

    Also, make sure you use a different proxy for each of the accounts, you wouldnt want your home IP to be linked to them all, thats a sure fire way to have the accounts caught, and if anyone gets that IP, they can get your address from your ISP.

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    Here are some of the ways people do it.

    1) Buy electronics and resell on Craigslist. Computer Monitors, Laptops, xBox 360s, PS3's, newly released games, older video game systems, TVs, etc. You can profit by doing this.

    2) Buy collection lots of items on eBay using your black funds and break them down for resell, receiving white income. You can also profit from this method. This can be from anything from Hot Wheels, Action Figures, Cards, Memorabilia, etc. Cash out of your normal bank account.

    3) Buy many low profit quick sell items from eBay Chinese Sellers, resell locally on eBay to people within your country for a slight mark up and you will have turned your black funds into white funds.
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    you know you have to seriously ask if al lthis effort and worry is really worth it? Every day could be the end" You can't scale up etc.....just sit back and think a little.

    Is it worth the effort? How long will you get away with it? 3 months, 3 years, 3 decades? Who knows but when the end does come you can kiss goodbye to all profits made and worse. Worth it?

    I too have considered this but I have coke to the conclusion better to make smaller, steadier profits running legit. Who knows i maight actually make it big?
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    Great answers guys! Any more ideas?
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    Bitcoins is the way to go, that's why silkroad uses em ;).
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    Why do you want to use an American company to process payments for counterfeit goods?

    Incorporate offshore and get a merchant account at Azerigazbank, they process for lots of Russian spammers selling fake meds.
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    This sounded like a good idea, but I've just went to the AGBank site and can't find anywhere a Merchant Account can be setup. I've been searching their site now for about an hour. Any idea's on this m8?
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    Create a betandwin account, move your money to there, place a 1.01 bet, move the complete money to your bank account.
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    Too many current projects to list.
    I had my PP acct for years..and majority of my business transactions move through PP.

    This was never a concern but coming 2012 they will start reporting, etc.

    I don't see how you will ever get past the account limits of staying unverified and pushing over a 1K through paypal (or whatever the unverified limits are) w/o registering, etc.

    They require your social now and all funds will be reported to IRS starting 2012.

    And all credit/debit processors *should* do the same, I can't think of any off hand that don't.

    I don't know what you're charging for your items on a typical order, but if you can make it a $50 minimum or whatever - you might want to have them make payments through MoneyGram.

    They may require a DL to pick up funds.
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    Have you looked into doing the Scriptlance method?

    You simply create a freelance job, pay yourself and you only lose a VERY small amount of money ($5). I have found that was the best for this method as their transaction fee's were a fraction of most other websites. You can get the check in the mail, or there are other merchant methods.

    In reality all of these methods are going to be temporary. If what you're doing is legit why don't you just use all of your real info? It may catch up with you if you don't. When using Paypal there really aren't that many ways to be anonymous for a large amount of time without your funds getting locked up, you may want to rethink everything and ask yourself if it's really worth it.