How can I run multiple Instagram in my windows machine?

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    Hello Folks,
    I have some social media services. I love to work with Instagram. I do instagram likes, followers & comments. I did those using my windows machine of course with different accounts (~30).

    At a time I worked with around 8 accounts using different browsers or in Mozila firefox with ?multifox? (add-ons).

    Let me share you my difficulties :
    >> Instagram deleted all of my comments.
    >> My account had been banned. I don?t get any access on those.

    So is there any ways to get back those accounts and rid of those comments problem??

    Now am looking for another solution.
    >>> Is there any way to Using Multiple Instagram form windows Machines <<<
    >>> How can I run multiple Instagram in my windows machine. <<<

    I heard about ?xGram? which have the features to use with proxies and it was multithreaded. But currently it?s not working. Will you please shade some lights with me?
    Let me know what you are thinking. Please feel free to share your opinion/suggestion.
    All good suggestion/solution are always appreciated.