How can i make this work?

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by Robzi, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Hi i want a site like this:

    ffpokershop (DOT) com

    Where people sign up as member they make surveys to get points. (so called content lockers ads)

    When they got like 200 points they write in the contact page and i transfer like $5 to there Pokerstars account.

    But i have no clue how the points on my site will be updated when they make surveys from like C P A L E A D (DOT) com or some other site like that.

    Is this hard to fix?
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    Most CPA networks let you pass some data through the tracking link and send it back to your site with a firing pixel or global postback URL so you can use the data how you need.

    So all you really need is a way to identify the user. Assuming you're storing them in a database, you'll just need to pass their integer ID or the username. So your tracking URL would be like:
    Code:{username or userID}
    And then when the network does the postback, you'll receive your custom parameter, so you can increment the user's points. This will also allow you to offer higher/lower points per survey based on your payout, since the network will also pass the profit parameter to you. So you could offer, I don't know, 500 points for an offer that pays you $40, or 15 points for a $1.50, etc.