How can I implement a price evaluation service to my site?

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    I have a very new Wordpress site with my own domain and hosting that I'm busy writing articles/reviews/guides for my niche, it's been active for 3 days now so only getting a few visitors daily which I'm not too bothered about as I'm focused on filling it with good content first. My main source of income from it I hope to be coming from Amazon affiliate products that I also review, plus a little bit from AdSense. CPA is something I still need to learn more about as I don't actually know how it works yet, so that's a possibility too.

    Down the line when/if the site becomes more popular I would like to introduce an identification/price evaluation service to the site as I have an extreme amount of expertise in this field plus I know many fellow experts that wouldn't mind helping if I needed it. I'm very new to IM so I have no idea how to go about making some money from this as it's not something on the site I would like to give away free. How I see it working is the user would send several photographs of their item via email or some other method to me and I would reply with my recommendations.

    My guesses on how to sell this would be a membership area on the site, or a content locker (not sure how I could get that to even work with this) or just charge via Paypal - least favourite option as I could see it being abused by buyers filing disputes after getting their analysis, plus I couldn't see it becoming popular. Is there a better way I'm not thinking of or don't even know about? If not which of these would you recommend? As I said I'm new to all this and still manically reading everything I can on this site and others in between writing content.

    I would prefer whitehat methods as I want to see this site grow and gain a good reputation.