hOW can i get the best from digg


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Jan 1, 2008
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Hello ,

can i know how i can get the best from digg and get traffic from it
Not confirm so much but i read somewhere bookmark your page with keyword optimized title.Then use different proxies to dug your page so it will rank high on main page of DIG so you got massive traffic....

But I still want professional way how can we achieve massive traffic from dig ??

Gurus waiting for your tips :top:
d$gg had already turned into basically a corporate shill and was a PITA to use for traffic/IM - and that was before releasing their latest version last it's just a sad facebook-looking poser with massive controls over who gets front page etc...

they've done to that site what happened to fark a few years ago
Agreed, Digg has lost its zing and FB has a lot to do with it. Not sure if it's worth the effort anymore and noticed some of my Diggs being deleted.
try using one of the paid services from the services section if u still wanna try 2cents
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