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    I run a website to watch TV show episodes for a specific series; this is all good and it makes me a lot of money but I've run into some problems the past few months.

    Because this is for a specific show, let's just say... Family guy for argument purposes.

    My main keywords are things like 'Family guy' and 'Watch Family Guy' and 'Family guy episode 1' etc.

    For a long time, this would work fine and every like 6 months or so I would get a DMCA take down and need to put my website on a new domain. Now that wasn't a very big issue but the issue now is that it's happening very frequently like almost daily and i'm not sure what to do about that. 301 redirects to new domains don't work very well so the alternative for my website and many others is to make a subdomain called like www1 or ww1 and put all of the content there then 301 redirect the root domain to the subdomain.

    Every time I put my website on the subdomain with 301 redirects it's usually top 1-5 results for keywords which results in massive traffic, but the DMCA take downs are so frequent that they're not even up for 24 hours before being taken down again.

    How can I prevent these DMCA take downs? Is there a bot I could potentially block or something that could help me with keeping my traffic?

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