How can I drive traffic fast?

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    I published an ebook. It's pretty cheap (a selling factor I think can work in my favor), and it's is obviously niche-specific. Also, since it is on Amazon, I figure that the ebook is a little more trust-worthy than it is on my site (which nobody has heard of :(). But since there are tons of ebooks in there I'm worried about my ebook visibility. I'm using my YT videos to try and drive traffic to my product, but I would like to get much more traffic there than what my videos are generating.

    First question:

    Is there any ways to get traffic to this fast. I'm not overly concerned with how to do it, as long as I don't get in trouble. I'm thinking about sending out mass emails, but I don't want to get the product banned or anything. I have a very very very small opt-in email list of my own through aweber. Sent the link to them already.

    Second question:

    It appears that the ebook I published is only for the Kindle. Not sure if that will affect the buyer's ability to use my affiliate links. Does anybody know how to publish ebooks to Amazon to include desktops? I figure that there must be a way (and it's probably obvious) - but I seemed to have missed it. Let me know, even if your reply is "go check the site, moron" as long as I know it can be done.
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