How can get twitter follower 5k+ on my website?

How can get twitter follower 5k+ on my website

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There's a bunch of methods you can try.

People use follow/unfollow method for networks such us Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram... For Twitter, you can also use mentions to gain attention of users, but my suggestion would be to use simple follow/unfollow method:
- Follow couple of 100s of users per day
- Wait for them to follow back
- Unfollow
Repeat :)
if ur acc is older than 6 month you can follow 1k/day, even if twitter locks the acc.
lock → reverify the acc and continue until the 1k daily limit
Just go easy on Twitter follow / unfollow (spread it out over the day) otherwise Twitter will ghost your account; this is when a user you follow does not get the notification you are following.

Takes about 4 days of no follow activity to fix.
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