How bad to have 100-200 ms ping with proxies?

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    Original name of thread: How bad to have 100-200 ms ping with proxies?

    Anyone checked their ping to best closest location via speedtest? I have ping about 200 ms on my new proxies, is it normal? However the speed is over 100 Mbps..
    Searched the Instagram forum and googled about Followliker, ping and proxy - no result.. Anyone learned this? Maybe I should refund the proxies? Didn't tried to use instagram with them yet, so they are still clean from social media and almost new, except I've checked speedtest and whois. The proxy provider said they are unused fresh proxies.

    Btw, other sites except speedtest show me that the ip's are from US, however I ordered proxies from Europe. And when I manually choose the US location that showed in whois ping becomes about 100 ms, however the distance is over 4500 miles.. vs auto best location (in the EU country that is located via speedtest) depending on ping <50 miles.. Could this be because of that DNS is in US and host is in EU? Why whois shows US for each of proxies from EU that are actually different countries? I'm going to ask that questions the proxy provider as well, but maybe anyone can help.

    I thought I could use this proxies for Instagram with Followliker asap, but seems like I should not hurry..

    Or all this tests are lame?

    I'll answer myself:
    proxy ping up to 200 ms is not bad, but is not so good too. This proxies have speed (download/upload) 100-200 Mbps, so it should run smooth and this should be enough for Followliker to upload 3-5 photos per day and make some likes/follow/unfollow.

    Anyway, if you can choose proxies with better ping -> it's better. But I will use one proxy per one account, so this should so far be enough.

    Thread name edited to: DNS lookup and Followliker

    Now I've remembered another (more important?) question I still not got answered.. Do IG looks for your DNS, so it can link your accounts with this? Proxifier provides DNS name resolution via proxy function, but do Followliker have the same for each account? And should it be done? Seems like nope, because there are so many people running many account with Followliker and there are no bans so quick..

    Hopefully they (IG admins) would not take that on arms :D
    Should I delete this hint?
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