How bad is randomized content?

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    Hi all, first post so I appreciate any input yall have.

    I have a few micro niche sites that I just started. Each site is around 15 pages and each page has about 400 words on it. The way that I'm generating content for these is by compiling about 1500 words of spun content. Each of the 15 pages gets 400 out of this 1500, but the content is randomly shuffled by sentence before it is input into the page. This happens on each refresh of the page.

    So what ends up happening is that each page/refresh has about 30% of the total content for the site exposed, and it is randomly shuffled.

    In case my explanation doesn't make sense I'll do a quick visualization - each letter in the example is 1 fullly formed and readable sentence:

    Total content: A B C D E F G H J K L M N O
    Page 1: M F O A J
    Page 1 (refresh): H B A E N
    Page 2: J L O C E

    You get the picture I think. What do yall think of this method - ups and downs?
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    is the shuffled content on each spun to be unique? Copyscape and Google can identify duplicate content by analysing groups of 3 words at a time.

    So if your articles aren't sufficiently spun, no matter where you place the sentences, they can identify the same groups of 3 words over and over again and label it as dupe content.

    Your best bet is to get a copyscape API and to run your 400 word articles through it to see if they pass. If they pass copyscape, Google probably won't pick up on what you're doing either.