How Are You Diluting Your Anchor Text When Using A PBN?


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May 24, 2012
The site I am linking to with my 20 site PBN was ranking GREAT for a variety of different targeted keywords.
But With the latest alorithm shake ups, the keywords dropped from position #3-5 to #10-15.

I'm assuming my problem is anchor text diversification.
Though I varied with LSI keywords, I don't have any generic anchor text links.

How are you safely diluting your PBN links because it seems like using them alone could work negatively?

(by diluting, I mean safely adding more links with generic anchor text without harming the site)

Can mod swap it over to black hat seo?
Im interested in this as well i seemed to have the same problem as you, I was 3-5 and dropped to pages 2 and 3 same anchor issue
Add web 2.0 backlinks with generic anchor texts, they will never hurt the site, only help it.
Make sure you have unique highly spun (or unique handwritten) articles on the web 2.0-s.
For high PR sources i use main keywords (PBN links) i dilute anchor text with other type of links like WEB 2.0, etc.,
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