How am I going to create a video website?

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    Ok,I thought of creating a anime streaming website that incoporates external links from sites such as megavideo,dailymotions,that is embedded contents like veoh etc.

    Just do a search on stream anime videos on google you will see
    -some sites with background embedded with video games advertising.
    -videos embedded from dailymotions,youtube,veoh etc.

    On it,I thought of incoporating affiliate advertising advertisements whatever.

    Ok,I admit I have decent programming skills and web coding skills learnt from school.HTML,CSS,SQL,PHP still ok.

    But I do not have any experience with PPC network,all these.The very most I have done for is Microniche adsense sites done using XSitepro.

    Is there any existing script or template that will allow me to make quick modification so that I can get it up and running?

    I have got the guts to do everything by myself and all the planning.I will break down tasks by weeks.
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