How a newbie can fail.

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    Feb 3, 2011
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    Hello all,

    I found BlackHatWorld a few days ago and registering here was the best thing i did in the last few months .

    A while ago i was thinking what to do with my time and after reading some things on the internet i thought , i can do that ! Make some websites and earn some money doing it.
    I bought myself some domain names, thought the more people searched for it and the higher the cpc was the easier it was to make money.
    I bought domains related to loans, betting, financial services and famous electronic devices. Of course I did not care about extensions as i thought loans xx will be just as awesome as a top ltd .
    I ordered myself a dedicated server with enough power to host 200+ websites and many dedicated ip's (seperate ip's would bring 5-10times more visitors). As not being to html savvy i read that wordpress would be great especially with wp robot so the site would update itself, so ofcourse i bought wp robot with all the modules possible.

    I managed to get the autoblog to do what i wanted after a few days of playing and so i made my adsense, cb, amazone etc etc accounts to get the money in.

    Awesome let the money flow in while i kept buying more domain names for more websites and kept posting my links to directories.

    Wrong .... 2 months down the road i have bought 85 domain names and the 7 sites i initially set up made a total whooping 65 cents of 1 click on an adsense link.

    I was about to give up because i could not find what i was doing wrong until i came here.
    All i could do wrong i did wrong it seems and i feel that i just am getting sober from a huge hangover.
    It will take me a few more days to absorb and write down all the 'basic' information here for newbies and probably a few more to have the energy again to start over from scratch but thanks to BBH and all its contributors i know that i will continue my quest to make a few bucks online and if i do the 1st 100 bucks will be donated right here.

    ps: I did follow the basic keyword research the last few days on all the domains i bought and out of the 85 about 5-7 are suiteable for me to start with . That's atleast one thing wich will save me money in the future !