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    This maybe simple, I am sure many of you are aware and do the same thing but since I just did it, I figured I would share......FYI I am putting together something very profitable that I will be looking to work with many of you in the very near future on..

    So I go to Walmart and buy a $3 Walmart Money Card (VISA) I put $20 bucks on it.

    -I go home and buy a $1 domain from (Normally $11.95 but they are running the dollar offer for new customers and new credit card, I already used up my other 6 credit cards on this.) so I just saved $11!

    -Bought a FB PPC $50 voucher for $7 and create a new FB account with the new credit card, so I just saved $43 (not taking into account cpa profits)

    -Got a new go2webinar account 30 day trial (needed a new credit card for trial, used up my others! I use go2webinar for a few of my marketing companies) $99 value

    SO I have turned that $3 into saving me $153 so far! I am sure there are other things I will use for and MANY other things you guys could think of to use it for and are already doing.

    I know this isn't Black hat or anything of that nature..just squeezing out an extra bang for your buck right!

    Please share other things that this card would work for, free trials, etc.!!
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