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    Not sure exactly which section of the forum to post this question. But here goes ...

    I have a copy of Adobe Acrobat X and all of the Adobe CS5 Master Suite products. I had added several entries to the hosts file of my Computer to prevent the Software from phoning home. You guessed it, I didn't pay the hundreds of dollars for the Software. :)

    I also use 25 Private Proxies for my Blackhat methods. I use a Proxy switcher program whenever I want to switch to one of the proxies.

    Now, I can run the software for a long time without any problems. I've been using the Software for 3 Months now. But whenever I run one of the software programs while I am using one of the proxies, the serial number gets deactivated and I have to find another valid one to enter in.

    At first, I just thought it was a coincidence. I always make sure to use a direct connection (My own IP) when I run one of the software programs when I started getting paranoid about running a proxy while using one of the programs. But whenever I forget to do a direct connection, the serial number becomes invalid.

    This has happened too many times to be a coincidence. The serial number has never become invalid when I am using my own ip.

    Question is, what does using a proxy server have to do with my host file becoming useless and Adobe being able to phone home and then deactivate my serial?

    I thought that it would prevent any attempt to phone home from my computer regardless of what ip is being used. I don't understand what the connection is. Someone please enlighten me! :D

    Is there anything I can do about it? :confused:
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