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    hello Everyone,

    I am here advertising about a hosting service who i have been using from one year now for all my blackhat activities. My host is so cool that he knows what i do and helps me in getting my servers up and running whenever i face any issues. The support is great, the prices mught be a bit high like $10 a month but i haven't found a better host yet in terms of keeping up with my blackhat activities. I am advertising because he told me recently that he might have to close down his server since he is not making a profit. It would be a pain for me to find another host like that. So i have promised to help him by finding atleast 10 more customers in order for him to break even or to make a profit. If you need more info then please message me. I am not mentioning the name of the host since he is a reseller and he takes it under his control for managing the spam content of your site etc.