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    Sup guys,
    i need your advice. Atm im runnig my blogspot with about 13 niches- everything is fake... im runnig here niches like spotify premimu code generator and etc... and i created one very nice wordpress to replace shitty blogspot... im planing to put here som FAKE cracks for games, and FAKE keygens for software so im little bit afraid of using my REAL informations in payment.

    Im still going throught fresh portable firefox+cookie killer+vps etc etc.

    And i need hosting wich will keep my content and will not share any information about me - but anyway i will probably pay with fake paypal or something (if i find any way how to create one)

    my blogger is getting 600-800 visit/day and im planing to scale this up so unlimited bandwitch will be best... Thank you for your advices guys!