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    Aug 19, 2011
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    I was thinking to try some hosting exchange. That?s the plan:

    1)I will provide you the nameservers of my hosting account, so you will change the nameservers of the domain you want to my nameservers.
    2)I will install wordpress to your domain (or joomla or whatever CMS you want) and then give you the admin details (no ftp details will be provided)
    3)In exchange you do the first 2 steps for me

    In that way we can have multiple blogs in multiple hosting accounts without the need to buy multiple hosting accounts, so we can build a minimum budget private blog network
    In my blogs, I always use unique content with images, youtube videos, articles without backlinks, random blogroll links to authority sites so it would look like a normal blog.

    If you are interested in this exchange pm me or reply to this thread, because this exchange is just as test only 10 spots will be available.

    I?m waiting for your opinions and thoughts?.