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    I purchased 2 domains ( & through Namecheap and will be hosting them on Hostgator, because it allows me to host unlimited domains. When I was going through the Hostgator ordering process, it asked me for my (main) domain name. I used

    I have added as an addon domain but have noticed that it adds it as a subdomain. I can still access it as but it shows up as a subdirectory in my FTP program.

    My question is, does this affect SEO in any way? Having it show up as a "subdomain" even though I can still access it directly ( I guess I can always pay the $5 to have be my "main" domain, but I just thought I'd check here first before doing any of that.

    I already contacted Hostgator but they could not help with my SEO question. They just said that my addon domain is also considered a subdomain.

    Please let me know if anyone needs any's late :eek:

    Thank you.
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    It will not affect SEO.
    Hostgator needs to set it up this way when you are using their shared hosting. But google will see them as two different domains. I have over 20 domains added this on one of my hostgator accounts and they get ranked well on google.
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