"Honourable Companies" are just as Blackhat....

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    Previous thread described the common con in the medical profession to prescribe antibiotics for common colds to appease patients (this is a well known issue, not a matter of debate - ask your GP for antibiotics next time you get a cold).

    The general point I was making is that there is NOTHING separating the practices of blackhat marketers versus "honourable businesses" apart from the blatant vulgarity of blackhat enterprise.

    E.g. selling dick pills, "sexy russians", binary options "signals" etc....

    "Blackhats" just pick low hanging fruit and don't give a fuck.

    Interesting piece: laphamsquarterly . org / swindle-fraud/we-buy-broken-gold

    Describes how Gold buying shops scam customers. Preying on their customers ignorance, like we do when getting people to complete surveys, or downloading apps/toolbars/extensions that track their search data or allows us to use their browsers as proxies - which we then resell.

    From BOSE selling headphones that record user data, to early FB invasion of privacy, to....

    Yeah, there's no difference at all, we're just uglier.

    In this world either:

    - You abide by laws lobbied into creation by Blackhats that want more money and freedom


    - You're a peon, and a victim. A "good" citizen.

    Stop chasing peanuts like a pleb.

    Use Blackhat approaches to chase after SERIOUS money.

    There are 100s of millions of "good citizens" online everyday with good internet connections.

    So if you're not aiming to make millions/year at least you're wasting your time.
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    Agreed. My moral compass broke long time ago. Everyone is doing something black hat if you look under the microscope long enough. Charge it to the game
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    Speaking generally, I've found blackhat endeavours tend to be a less stable and shorter term way of generating revenue, whitehat tends to be longer term and more stable, I've leaned toward the latter as I've aged. I don't have much of a moral compass myself, but my preference is determined by what iv'e found to be more beneficial to me in terms of overall time invested.
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