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Homepage newsletter system?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Nils118, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Nils118

    Nils118 Newbie

    Jun 25, 2014
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    I need a easy newsletter system for my hompage.
    When the people subscribe the newsletter, i want that they automaticly share and like the facebook page.

    Some years ago i used such a newsletter system for a company.
    It was quite easy, you just had to put the link of the newsletter system into the source code.
    After that you got the newsletter button on this page. And there was this cool option with facebook like and share automaticly. My problem: I forgott the name and I cant find it :(
    It was like 20$ per month i think? and had doub-opt-in

    Anyone knows this programm or a similar one?

    Greets Nils