Home Page With Snippet Outranking Actual Article.

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    I made my first website not too long ago. I published an article targeting a certain phrase for keywords. The article itself is nowhere to be found in the first 100 results. However, my homepage which has a little snippet preview of the article I'm trying to rank for is ranking on page 2. The article in question here has had 1 Twitter share and 4 Facebook Likes. This was achieved during the first 48 hours after publication.

    When I first published the article the home page with the snippet would be on page 4. I then did on page SEO for the article itself thinking the actual article page would show up somewhere in the SERPS, but it still hasn't. Only the homepage with the snippet has moved up in the ranks after on page SEO was applied for the article itself.

    I have no internal links pointing towards the article page itself.

    Now, I'm looking at what I know about which back links are pointed toward my homepage which is not a whole lot. Plus I have not done any offsite SEO since about 3 weeks prior to the publication of the article I'm trying to rank for.

    I'm just at a loss here. It seems my on page SEO for the article has effected the ranking on my homepage with the snippet but not the article itself. How the hell could this be possible? The homepage itself was NEVER SEO optimized. Is it part of the dance / shuffle thing? Has anyone ever had this happen?