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    Whats up everyone,

    The name's Joel. I have been following this forum for months now with very little replies, but the amount of knowledge ive gained has helped a ton. I've been a web designer all my life and have known very little about SEO until the past couple of months. I happened to be looking for proxies and stumbled on to here.

    I just want to say thanks to everyone whos post I didn't comment on or give thanks to. I've learned so much and it has all been very helpful.. I'm always looking for cool people that can help guide me in areas I know nothing about and this forum seems to be full of them. I am a web designer so if anyone wants to link up and share projects or ideas let me know. I also do a handful of application dev also. My background is mostly in reverse engineering game servers.

    and if anyone's got any advice for a newbie feel free to share!. Honestly I don't think there's anyone who appreciates it more!