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    Hola everyone,

    Have been developing software for most almost 16+ years. Mainly web applications for different companies. Currently I'm in transition of doing some projects for my self. These are not yet profitable enough for me to make money but they will be in the future.

    In mean while I still work with some clients for whom I do some work on regular basis. Services with mostly have to do with development of application/ website / templates etc. Lately I'm getting more request on how to improve SEO, promotion true social media, how to get extra views, subscribers, likes and followers. That is how I found this website with loads of good information.
    I've gotten more interested in this IM band wagon and are going to give it a try to see if it can help to supplement my other incomes with so I have more time to work on my bigger projects.

    I would like to connect with other people on this forum who have more experience with Promotion and SEO and the hole social flora..
    If you are a developer of any type don't hesitate to add me as-well since I have projects on regular base that I'm willing to share if you have a right price ,quality and know how to do online work.

    for anyone interested add me.
    skype live:dr3mz