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    Jan 17, 2012
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    Hello everybody.

    I am very glad to have joined this forum and excited to see a lot of action here. Most of the members here seem to be on top of their game. :D Being around people like you all will only help be become a better professional.

    I am a content writer with about 5 years of experience in writing SEO articles, Press Releases, Product reviews, blog posts, etc and have been working with some of the top online media companies. I understand SEO content well and really know how work with it. SEO is still a vast subject and everyday is a learning experience. Now that I am part of this forum, I am confidant I will be able to learn more everyday. :)

    I had enough of working for others and decided to step out of the cage, and work for myself. I have put together a team of dedicated, professional writers who have similar experience as I do and would like to start offering content service to the members here. Quality, Quantity and cost - we want to excel in all these three aspects and offer ' best value for money'.

    I look forward to working with you all. Your support and encouragement will help me and my team offer best service at best prices.

    Cheers ;)