Hiring: Link Prospector with Experience, $36k/year

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    Apply via PM only. Must provide link to resume/portfolio.

    Task Description:

    Find link prospects based on predefined criteria. Buy homepage advertisements and inner-page posts ? Prepare and schedule the placements with webmasters based on outlined schedule.

    - No training provided
    - Experience in link prospecting/buying
    - Must show previous reports of similar work
    - Must show resume and/or portfolio
    - English communication skills
    - Full-time hours
    - Willing to work with SEO agencies or Individual Webmasters.


    - $700/week
    - 3 to 6 month contract
    - Weekly pre-payments
    - IMPORTANT: First trial week will be paid at a rate of $200. Non-negotiable.

    Step-by-Step Process:

    1. Crawl for Data

    - Use ontolo or buzzstream. Experience required.

    2. Create Report

    - Weed out all the bad seeds based on technical criteria and manual checks. Check each website for Relevancy, Frequency of Updates, OBL, PR, Indexing, Google SERP Position.

    3. Send Report for Approval

    - Send the final report back to us for approval.

    4. Contact Prospects

    - Make offers to prospects via Email, Facebook, Twitter and/or other avenues.

    5. Prepare Advertisements

    - Work with our writing team to prepare sentence advertisements and articles.

    6. Co-Ordinate the Placement

    - Ensure that each advertisement is placed based on our criteria.

    7. Pay the Prospect

    - Use our Paypal, Moneybookers accounts to pay the webmasters.

    8. Send Final Report

    - Update the final report

    Thank You!