[Hiring] Interspire Complete Setup

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    Project Description:
    We are looking for an email marketing expert that will support our email marketing sends using our own Interspire systems on a daily basis.
    The candidate must be an expert in email marketing he need to build a strategy for best results and maintain high deliverability, open and click rates on a constant basis.

    1. The ability to send from a pool of rotating IP's and swapping domains
    2. Warm up the system with your own contact list so that it will be able to send 1M emails daily. This process must be made in another instance of IEM from the same server so that it wouldn't "trash" the statistics page.
    3. The system must have high deliverability (inbox) in the following ISP's:
    Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, yahoo.
    4. PowerMTA or other.
    5. Install and configure Interspire Email Marketer
    6. Email Relaying Software (SMTP/MTA)
    7. Email Receiving Software (POP)
    8. Configure your OS libraries/binaries (windows/linux)
    9. Setup Reverse DNS
    10. Create Forward DNS Zone and setup records
    11. Generate and Setup Domain Keys
    12. Setup DKIM-Identity
    13. Setup DK-Sign
    14. Create and Setup SPF
    15. Setup MX Records
    16. Whitelist Service
    17. Generate Feedback Loops
    18. Other authentications.
    19. Generate Secret Hash Keys at Major ISPs (e.g hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc)
    20. Create virtual meta pool for IPs
    21. Configure virtual meta pool to reflect rdns and fdns
    22. Warm up with your own contact list.

    Availability is a must! Support hours are 10-18 (+2GMT) providing immediate responses and handling system issues ASAP .

    We are basically looking for a strong individual/Company that will Run all the way to the top with us and support us in all the steps in the way.

    Ongoing Assignment will follow after warm up is done.