Hiring Freelancer Methods?

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    Most people find hiring freelancers being a long, difficult, and frustrating journey. I'm looking to share and gain some experience with fellow employers.
    -First, I always ask them to add me on Skype. This serves as a test to see if they can problem solve if they do not have Skype
    -Make them come to you. Instead of trying to find a time to get together, the good freelancers always find me when I'm online, and I NEVER look for them online
    -Next, I use their grammar, I adapt to there poor grammar, which they understand better and we can get more done with less questions
    -Near the start of the Skype conversation, I always ask them if they accept PayPal or whatever payment method I am using. 50% of the time, PayPal will filter them

    Any tips you would like to share?
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    - Ask them to Sign Up to ODesk so you can check what they have been doing all day or at least the hrs that you have paid for.

    - Ask them for their legit Facebook Profile,Email in case they want to scam you or steal a domain,script etc