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    I only want those of you who are experts in EDU Scholarship Link Building.

    I am really looking for a professional link builder that specializes in outreach. If you don't know what "outreach" is, then do not apply.

    I need someone to create a list of universities / colleges (.edu sites), and outreach them to include a link to our scholarship page. Here's what you will be responsible for:
    (1) Create scholarship page (Content) - I created it - Complete!
    (2) Outreach universities for link placement
    (3) Following up
    (4) Successful 30 link placement

    This involves contacting the right person at the college/university and having them post a link on the college website to our scholarship page on our website.
    We do not accept links to from any other source. (Eg the link profile: http://brooklynatlantis.poly.edu/view_profile.php ) - I will not pay for the link above.

    *) Important: The value of the scholarship program is our $1000 and Duration of scholarship program extended to: 31/12/2017.

    1. You will only be paid for successful link placements, not for just outreaching.
    2. We need 30 Edu Backlinks
    3. The time limit that you have to complete the job is: 01-March-2017
    4. No-UpFront Payment. This is critical task and we will only pay once you successfully done this.
    5. Payments Through- Paypal,Payoneer,Skrill.

    Inbox me With Subject-line
    " Edu Backlink Outreach & Link Building "

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards.
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    You have no track record in this forum. A newly created account on tuesday. And you will only pay after completion of the job. Which "professional" link builder would even take this job?

    Better to go through upwork, whereby there is an escrow protection in place.
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