Hiring A Freelancer Off Fiverr dot com?


May 5, 2014
this is my very first post. please enlighten me if there is a thread on this topic if there is one ...

hiring people off fiverr ... Has anyone had any experiences doing this? ya know, hiring people off fiver for web designing or development services. someday I would like to start a web development service here in my home town for local businesses. all answers are appreciated
I doubt you will get very good development done for $5. For this type of work I think it would be better to hit up the freelancer sites like freelancer, odesk, elance, etc
Fiverr's fine. Much better than oDesk. On oDesk there are major ripoff artists who game the system so they win disputes. I had a contractor there give me 50 pages of total gibberish: when I disputed the work odesk said they don't "assess the merits of work", and since the contractor delivered a 50 page document the contract was completed properly. I had to do a chargeback. Fiverr is a great way to start a relationship with workers. After a few small gigs you'll have someone you can build with and you can pay them for bigger and better things. On Fiverr I've found that using people with positives is a great first start. but I've also used people with few or no reviews. I have never, never been burned on Fiverr. Maybe they have a better vetting process? I have no idea. I've bought software, social media actions, ads, blogging and loads of graphics. 100% OK. I did have one coder that tried to hold me up for more money once the job was completed but we came to an agreement and he got half the additional that he wanted. One nice they they do now is they have add-on gigs included in the jobs. So someone that posts a $5 gig can say right there that getting it tomorrow is an additional $10, or additional features are +$30, etc. Makes it much more transparent and it's better than having to buy 10 gigs to get something extra. Fiverr is my favorite outsourcing spot these days. elance(r) and odesk can go pound sand imho.
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While Fiverr is great for quick translations or getting "client videos", you'll not find a HQ web designer hawking his goods there...
Fiverr is good for the little work you can resell. You can have a logo made for $5 and sell it for $20 or $50. That sort of stuff works well, but development, you can't find a decent developer who is willing to work for $5. That person is simply too unaware of the internets and how stuff works to be able to handle large projects.
I would not outsource from fiverr though, most people there provide crappy services or just use the existing templates and sell it to you...for what you are looking I would not recommend you fiverr for outsourcing the category you looking for...

However if you now people who are giving good services for the above mention category would love to know as well!
You can find some decent freelancers there. Just look through their portfolios to find those whom provide unique, quality work. I hired a graphic designer and he provided bespoke work to my requirements for a very decent price.
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