{hire} Need a setup for bulk emailing 200k records/day. serverpostfix + ip rotation, etc..

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    I need someone to help set up server for e-mailing 200k/records a day. Everything from beginning to end, Need a setup for postfix + ip rotation + spf records + dkim signature + rDNS (anything that is needed)
    Need to send around 200k+ emails every day. Let me know what will you charge for the setup and ETA.
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    There are many software and companies that can be easily found over the internet. But as per your needs you need to best speed and daily work to be done, also I'm pretty much sure that you might also be concerned about the delivery rates. Well I have tried many free stuff over the internet also many companies who are well known in the market. At last I'm at the point where I could find all that I'm concerned about, such as IP rotation, Domain rotation, Live Reports ( Opens + Clicks + Deliveries + Bounces + Blocks) and Test Send + Spam test Feature is really nice. People how are well known in the market doesn't mean that they are performing correctly.

    However I will recommend you to use the best software with May features that are not found in any platform. They will help you in every part of your campaign they also check if the customer is having issue with the campaign and guide them step by step. I will highly suggest you to spend your money on a platform that takes care of this customer; also you will find all the services under one roof. For sending emails software + SMTPs + Domains + IPs please see Imailunlimited and if you find your contact list need to be cleaned please see Cleanmyemaillist . I hope your issue will be resolved by them.

    Thank you so much