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    I am an SEO and was hired by a client to design their landing pages, blog posts, and overall website architecture.

    I need to do some keyword research. I need to determine which keywords are the most profitable.

    I want to look beyond just monthly search traffic, CPC, and competition. I have been using market samurai but I am hoping someone can help me develop a stronger strategy.

    If you want this job, you must:

    1. send me a sample report you have created for another client in the past. (so I can verify your work).

    2. tell me your rate for this project.

    i have come up with my own list of 3,000 words but I am wondering if you can help me come up with more words then narrow it down to the most valuable ones.

    my client's website is in portuguese but we will do research on both english and portuguese words.

    thanks, ben