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    Another partymarty share that probobly won't help too many of you, but should be a gem to anyone who can twist it to suit them.

    I run a travel site in one of Australia's most popular travel destinations and have done this for the last 3 NYE's (as well as a few other events - but we'll stick to NYE for now).

    My town has 2 "party tours" that operate every week. Lets call them XXXXparty and partyinxxx for this writeup. Each year they both run a huge New Years Eve party which sells for about 4 times their normal fare. I do sell their usual tickets but at $5 a pop I don't target them. Now for NYE they pay $12 and $13 per booking, and as our business slows down alot over december, they become worthy of targeting.

    In about July I build a targeted page about each party and title and H1 tag the page XXXXparty New Years Eve Party and partyinXXX New Years Eve Party. I then do this on 2 other sites I've got in the same niche. Each site has a page listing the 2 parties and a page on each of the parties - so nine pages all up. These pages get marketed as usual (if you need help here stop reading now). Then I sit and wait for results until about october. Most pages are usually page 1 already anyway but if not I give them another push. About this time the companies actually release the info and prices of the party on their own sites.

    By late november i throw everything I've got at all 9 pages. The aim is to own the whole front page for any search with my town name or either companies that also contains the keywords "New Years".

    All up it's maybe 40 hours work spread over 6 months. And this year we've banked over $3000 in the last 2 weeks from NYE party bookings alone. The best position of any competitor is #5 and I have 7-8 listings on most searches, in most cases the whole top 5.

    So basically I'm creating and marketing multiple pages about an event that hasn't even been published on the net yet. Quick money is good - but medium to long term plans can be quite good as well.

    The only bad thing is that we process credit cards manually as our usual average sale is over $150, and I'm getting damn sick of processing $13 amounts.
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    That's a great idea! You'd be easily successful as the keywords you're targeting sounds like they'll be pretty long tail keywords - "[townname] new years" and quite niche. Though I've also heard that SEO rankings in Australia are pretty easy, is that correct? I'm from New Zealand and generally that was my experience.
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    Helpful. Works as a spark in a dark room.