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    Okay When I need money meaning within two month. Then this is exactly how I do it.
    1. First go to DP or flippa or any other site selling websites
    2. Next go through the listing and bookmark threads that have people selling websites with organic traffic with adsense earnings.
    3. Then Create a spreadsheet and and the first column would be the list of websites.
    4. Go to yahoo and type in [link:domain.com] to find all the backlinks to that websites or use scrapebox addon to find them.
    5. Put the number of backlinks in the second column.
    6. Next find all all the keywords on that website either through metakeyword tag or through a website such as

    7. You have to find if the website is on the first page for any of the keywords
    8. The number of keywords it is on page one of Big G you put that on third column
    9. Next go to adwords keyword search and find the number of searches for each keyword that was on page #1.
    10. Add up the total number of searches for a website with the given keywords and place them on column number four in your spread sheet.
    11. So you should have [website] [number of backlinks] [number of keywords on page 1] [number of searches per month]
    12. Pick the site with least number of backlinks and greatest number of searches.
    13. Copy their style, Copy their backlinks, Build more content and more backlinks.
    14. This way you know you can get to page one and get traffic by just piggy backing on exactly what they did and then building a few more content and a few more quality backlinks.

    You can only do this for small websites that are in specific niches such as [changing mug color with water]

    The kind of websites this works for a ones earning a $10 to $50 through adsense and are on page one of Big G for keywords.

    I do not do this all the time but only when I need money.

    So Build the site and get some traffic then make sure it is on page one for atleast one keyword then flip it for a profit.

    I know it is alot of work but in this case you are not thinking just following somebody else.


    Found This On: http://jettrans.info
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    I've heard of this method around here before.

    1. Go to Flippa and find a website earning
    2. Copy the website's keywords, backlinks, content and keep building on it.
    3. Get on to Google's first page.
    4. Profit.
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    very interesting hijacking guide. i've never heard this one.
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    I have just tried this method and I can tell you that there are a lot of people copying websites from Flippa. A LOT! :) Now I have 7 more competitors and we are all trying to outrank each other in a silly SEO race. The only good things that you can get are 1) The seo strategy that they applied for that particular site in order to get it to rank and 2) Their keywords which can help you find new keywords, knowing that the niche is profitable
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    Yep I have done this and do this. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Okay here are more tips.

    1. Find the website that is earning a money from adsense with good ranking
    2. Get the list of keywords they are ranking for.
    3. Use any software or keyword search to find related keywords
    4. Go through the list of keywords that the website you found is not ranking for
    5. Make sure the keywords found have low competition and at least 100 searches a month

    This will allow you to target related keywords that the other person did not think off.