High ranking in SERPS without backlinks or content

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by yakamo, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I was taking a look at a few of my competitors sites today for a new niche I am working on and one in particular was very interesting to me. The site does not have any backlinks as in zero, very very little content, the domain is only 5 months old really the only thing going for it was exact keyword domain.

    My website has a few backlinks, quality content, approximate same domain age and exact keyword domain as well but somehow I am being out ranked! For the life of me I could not figure out what he was doing I seem to be besting him in all fields.

    Then I stumbled upon what I believe to be my competitors secret. Besides a few info and sales pages Google has indexed 100s of pages with embedded youtube videos on them all of them very target to his keywords. The simplified version of what he has done is create a View Videos page that links to 100s of individual pages each with a different embedded youtube video. Each of these pages also links to all of the other video pages creating a large mesh. The whole setup stinks of automation and I am guessing that every week or so he has being adding more video pages which google is seeing as fresh content.

    Does Google really give that much love for just having embedded videos constantly posted? Google counts it as fresh content? It seems to simplistic.

    Does any one have any experience with this method?

    I am going to rip his site apart some more and see if I can find anything else.
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    Embedded videos don't seem like a way to get any love... but you have spiked my curiosity that he may be using a couple of other methods I have been investigating...

    If you don't mind PMing me the domain, I would love to have a look & I can let you know what I find.