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@jay yadav was gracious enough to toss me a review copy. He delivered based on the chosen keywords/URLs within 48 hours.

I received five Web 2.0 properties, all with the same general article spun to be readable and pass Copyscape. My URL was placed as I requested with the chosen keywords.

I spot checked ten of the 286 Tier 2 links given, and they were working fine, although some were Chinese spammy. All ten checked had my keywords and pointed to one of the Web 2.0 properties.

I also received literally 9005 Tier 3 links. Spot checked ten of those as well, same deal. Working fine, mostly Chinese spammy with a smattering of other commenters grabbing hold. But they had my keywords, pointed to a Tier 2, and could be traced back through the layers to my site.

I got 50 high DA short URL redirects. Checked ten of them as well, and they led back to the web 2.0 profiles.

I also received five tweets, one for each of the Web 2.0 profiles, and each from a well-metricked account.

Overall, OP delivered on what was promised in a timely fashion, with a well-structured report I could use to track the final product back. It's too soon to tell if the package has any ranking abilities, but he performed what was requested. Good stuff!
@jay yadav kindly offered me a review copy, which I has happy to accept and I am pleased I did.

The quality of the Web2.0s were good, all had images and extra pages. The report came with access details so changes could be made. The spun article was readable on all sites and was of acceptable quality.
TAT was less than 24 hours. Tier 2 links were mixed. Tier 3 links were obviously a little more spammy most with high OBL but this was to be expected and acceptable.
All in all it is a great little package, the value being that it will save you lots of time.
For the price I recommend you give it a try.


Best of luck with sales OP, many thanks.
hey i tried to order but i am getting this error on paypal.

Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time

you on skype? how do i contact you? and do you have any other payment option?
Short Review:

From the 5 web2.0s review bought. I saw a massive serp movement across all board. Ordering this again to a similar niche and can't wait to see the report as well.

20 web2.0 package bought.
Transaction ID: XXXXXXFJ013240W
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