High OBL Pages = What's your opinion?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by peter73, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I've found a couple of autoapprove blogs for manual commenting but some has 500+ OBL links. And many of those are nike(link) shoes nike shoes Ugg(link) boots ugg boots... You know what I mean... But to my surprise, some authority websites are also commenting on that page with the high OBL. And I know that it is not just a coincidence since the page has been spammed to death 3-4 months ago, and yet I find authority sites still posting a DECENT comment + 1 link to their inner page, unlike the ugg spammers. And upon checking the ranks for this authority sites pages almost all of them appear on page 1. And I've checked like 20 sites. And their Alexa rank is 100k below. I bet the owners of this sites aren't stupid, so obviously this kind of method is working for them.

    No linkpush, linkpyramid, link merry-go-round or some shit. Just DIRECT backlinking. And they are owning branded sites.

    So does this mean that commenting on high OBL pages can still be worth our time?

    I am sure that ScrapeBox it not being used on this pages. Xrumer maybe but not SB.

    Would really like to know someones insight on this. I'm currently also testing this wether it works or not.