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    got this email from a client the other day. I do SEO but not design and certainly not complex web design. They're looking to get this done cheap, something like $500.

    "I hope that you are doing well and thank you for taking the time to
    put this scope of work together. As Playboy's Miss May 2009 Playmate,
    Crystal is looking to build a website (www.crystalmccahill.com) that
    she can use to brand herself, sell products and most importantly,
    project an image of herself for potential modeling work, acting and
    commercials. Attached, please find a sample scope of work put
    together by a friend of mine. She has some websites that represent
    what she's trying to do for her own site. She's looking for the same
    layout while maintaining original content with her own identity. The
    site that she'd like to use as a base concept is:


    Crystal says, "I really like the look and feel of this site as I do
    want to have an intro page with a prepared video clip of my work. I
    also like how the intro page then takes the user to a home page that
    allows easy access to many links. I also like the scrolling slide
    show that goes on in the background of the home page. It's also
    extremely important for all of the content to be Safe for work as many
    people shop online during work hours, etc. There are a few details
    that I'd like to add/change (i.e., add a resume link, storefront on
    paypal, Victoria's secret-esq theme, main logo links back to the home
    page, etc.)"

    Ultimately, Crystal would like to provide all of the original content
    for this type of layout design. Please let me know how you would like
    to proceed so that we can get a scope of work started for the layout,
    fonts, colors and core content and hopefully build from there.

    Please keep in mind that she is under tight budget constraints so I'd
    appreciate as competitive of a bid as possible, within reason. If
    this means that we don't create complex content - that is fine with me
    as I'm open to suggestions. Thanks again and please let me know if
    you have an questions as I would be happy to clarify any thoughts or
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    Sent you a PM.
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    Hello mate,
    My team can customize this site for you.
    Send me the details via PM or you can hit me up on skype at sam.hunt0710