Hiding some code from googlebot

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    Not sure if this is "cloaking" but i want to hide some code from googlebot. Specifically, I want to have the same stat tracker code on a batch of sites in order to evaluate as a group, and not individually, but dont want google seeing same code on all various sites

    ideally, googlebot would see:


    and when page loaded it would be
    <stat code here>

    not sure where to start even looking. googled cloaking a good bit, but im not even sure it is cloaking that i should research

    any tips, or suggestions where to research would be appreciated
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    There are several methods you can apply:
    1. you can hide your code with a JS function that sits in an external JS file, then, you can block the google bots from crawling your external JS files using the Robots.txt file.
    2. You can use a cloaker to cloak parts of your codes, this approach will be much advanced than the above as it takes into consideration many footprints associated with Google bots