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Nov 10, 2016
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Hi everyone,

My name's Roger, I live in Gibraltar, and I've been working as a white hat SEO consultant for a few years. I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of years, and been meaning to get involved for a while. Now, I'm involved! Yeah!

I'm mainly here to find freelancers to do specific tasks (setting up programs, scripting tools to automate stuff, etc) but I'm happy to assist anyone in any way I can. Maybe go into a few joint ventures with people - who knows?!

So, that's me. Hello!
Hello Roger :) Nice to see some experienced marketer here. Hope you will share your thoughts and skill with us also. All the best.
Hello Roger, welcome to BHW community, good luck.
Hello welcome ..so what are things do you do in white-hat seo?
Hello welcome ..so what are things do you do in white-hat seo?

I generally do on-site technical audits, competitor link audits (including toxic link stuff) and content marketing. Involves using a lot of audience segmentation tools and the like - it's what agencies like to peddle, anyway!
Hi Rodger,
sounds like we share the same interests, I'll give you a follow :)
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