Hi I'm BladeMcCool and I just finished coding a prototype va screening tool.

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    Hi I'm BladeMcCool. I think I posted some intro message here once before a long time ago once before, but here we go again. To introduce myself, I should say that I like tacos, perl, and figuring out solutions to interesting problems.

    One problem that we've been having, that I found interesting is the screening of virtual assistants for competency. Our task involves them creating some posts on sites and basically filling in the empty portion of a spreadsheet file with their results and sending it back to us. Seems that a lot of time has been wasted trying to deal with the initial contacts and basic competency testing of these people. Like they don't respond, or they just do a very poor job. Because of these issues we decided to create a tool to help screen our applicants. Going to be testing it out soon Maybe someone else can help us with the testing too, if you have a hiring task coming up soon and dreading it... pls lemme know, maybe we can help (gratis).

    Also if I'm allowed to post info about this tool somewhere else, could someone kindly let me know where would be appropriate? Thanks! :)