Hi guys, I'm back.

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    Hey there guys. Some of you may still remember me from about 2-3 years ago.

    Short introduction of mine again:
    I'm a 16 year old teenager, and my computer is basically my life

    TL;DR of what I experienced while I was trying to make money:
    I basically wanted to make money when I was 13, and did everything to be able to make money such as basic linkbuilding, blogging, and the usual basic things you would do. I was a very naive person.
    I used my father's Paypal to be able to make any transactions.
    And one day I got scammed of about 250$, including a minor 25$ scam before because I was stupid, so basically I went in debt from my father.
    That's when things started to go to shit.

    And then I became depressed because my father locked me out of the account and I couldn't do anything anymore. I had no will to go on any moneymaking sites anymore because I didn't want to remember anything.

    Then I started to become a hardcore gamer, and I became sucked into the computer playing stupid games all day long, for a very long time, probably more than a year now. I became obsessed with gaming. And it was starting to ruin my life.

    Then I realized that I might use the gaming to make some money, so I went into Team Fortress 2's trading economy and managed to build up a backpack worth about 70 bucks in a very long time. And afterwards guess what, I get scammed again so it went down to 60$ in value. It may be only 10$ but I was pissed off because the 10 bucks I had were worth alot, alot, alot of time which I dedicated into trading, so now I'm close to quitting that in disgust.

    I'm ready to change again and be someone who makes money again. I'll have to start with almost nothing. But that is okay to me. I started out with absolutely nothing before so I think there's something that might be possible make of.
    I have completely forgotten about the ways to make money, however I remembered the principles of it.

    I have absolutely nothing now - no more paypal account to make transactions with, I can only receive transactions into my father's account to pay back my debt. I will absolutely not be allowed to make any payments from my side, at all. My Jr VIP subscription here expired. All my domains expired and got taken by other people, including phpbb.me which I used quite alot to buy with (about 50$, but as a kid that amount was enormous).
    I'd talk about the period when I was scammed, but it was such a long time ago that I can't really remember the details anymore, nor do I want to remember it.

    I want to change again. I went from making money to uselessly gaming, but I want to go back into making money so I can finally pay off my debt, I am ready to face the memories of that horrible incident again and make it better, I want to stop feeling bad when I think of this.

    I have a permanent subscription to FCSNetworker.com, however I have never really made use of it (mostly because I never really understood how it worked. Screw me. But I was extremely dumb at the time, hopefully I am not that anymore). I also have a permanent subscription on Elegantthemes. I also have a Vagex.com account that I had a long time ago, my ID is somewhere around the 20k, and basically I have a lifetime Pro membership on there because at that time (like 4 years ago) I had discovered a really nasty exploit in the site and contacted the owner so that was his way to repay me. That's basically what I have left.

    My skills are basically next to nothing now. Before I used to do a little bit of everything, but only a tiny bit (basic HTML coding, freelancing, trying to go on Fiverr without ever being able to make any good profit off it)

    So to anyone reading this, is there any chance I can make it back? Will I be able to pay off my debt? I'm willing to change. Again.

    If anyone could suggest something for me to start with, please let me know. The limitations for me would be the fact that I can absolutely not make any payments from my side like I said earlier.

    And to any old chaps that I have known who are reading this, I'd be glad to see you again. :)