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    Just thought i would introduce myself as a complete and utter noob to the internet marketing game,

    Now the reason im doing this is because i realise the hardcore mofo's that are on here and i could use a little help

    Before i begin i would like to shout a big RESPECT to ALL you guys that post cracks, guides, info the full 9 yards, it really is nice of you guys and thankyou very much, you guys really have boosted my learning curve and for that i cant say thankyou enough, really guys you da bomb !!!

    Now the problem is this, im starting out without funds, texas holdem i might be able to teach you guys a thing or 2 lol, but this link wheels, hardcore SEO im getting a bit confused.

    Im trying to earn money from adsense to start my internet account off, now i paid for an autoblogging course which was great til the plugins got hit by the PANDA, so now im back to square 1.

    Im after one of you knowledgable people to take me under your wing, seriously i will gladly 50/50 share the spoils of war, rest assured im not a complete noob anymore thanks to this site, its just the linking madhouse side of things i need a leg up with.

    Rest assured i will gladly put the work in as i really do need this !!

    Well i just thought i would put out there and thanks for reading

    Once again thanks guys you make this site rock

    Best o luck in all you do
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    Welcome to BHW Danny