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    Hi all, I've been a hobby webmaster for about 6 years and never much paid attention to SEO, untill penguin and panda, even there I'm a year late repairing my sites lol.
    When I started I soon realised lots of links with samr anchor text will get my site ranked, so I joined a link trade site and hammered my keywords, just the two to the same url, with spammy low quality links lol. 550+ domains and 60K pages linking to my homepage for two keywords. Great stuff for 5 years, hence never bothered with learning SEO.
    So yeah I got hammered and my hobby income went from very good to near zero over the last twelve months.
    So here I am.
    I've been reading here for about 3 weeks and already got one 165K keyword out of the so called sandbox, and now ranking for other keywords I didn't even think about before, just from properly optimizing the site and trading quality links with a variety of anchors.

    So cheers for all the info, and let the good times roll again :cool:
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    Welcome (back) to BHW,

    Good Luck with your endeavors,