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    Sep 4, 2011
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    What a fantastic forum - lots of information, loads of activity, friendly and helpful.

    I joined recently and have been slowly reading though the various sections. I am now poised to start moving ahead.

    My background is in mail order! Many years ago, before the Internet, I was involved in publishing information books and selling these via mail order. I generated sales via newspaper advertsing and direct mail.

    I then moved into finance and now arrange loans, and trade in leads for the same. In partnership with a friend, we have a few web sites up in this sector.

    My intention is to get back into information publishing and other IM activities. I would be receptive to any JV's and / or contact from anyone in similar sectors of information publishing if you think that I have anything to bring to the party.

    My IT skills are limited but I am learning fast. I can put up web sites and have hosting with Weebley and Host Gator. I can also do a bit of PPC and am a dab hand at writing articles.

    I have just purchased a ready made Wordpress blog on Forex . I intend to moneterise it via Clickbank and Adsense. I may chart my progress on this.

    I recognise that this forum is all about contribution and mutual help. I also can see that I should not expect to be spoonfed.

    Looking forward to becoming a useful , member.
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    welcome, i like the UK