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    hello, after repeatedly bumping into this forum while googling various seo topics and reading great answers, tips, and explanations, I thought I would finally register =)

    I'm a n00b but am enjoying learning about seo and hope to be able to continue learning. I'm curious to try out some strategies but will probably dip my toe in the water as they say with some simple stuff at first.

    Look forward to participating in the forums and I hope you will be accommodating to a new comer who doesn't really have a complete grasp of seo.

    I would also appreciate a pointer to read about the technical side of the forum. For example, membership tiers, when I can buy services or pm other members, etc.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: just found out that I need 15 posts to be able to pm other members! so that's one Q answered. If there is a single place where this sort of stuff is answered, a FAQ? and I've missed it, please let me know. thanks
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