Hi everyone ! Bonjour à tous !

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Mar 24, 2015
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Hi everyone, here a French newbie ! First, i dont speak english fluently so i'm sorry about the mistakes i probably will do ... (you are free to correct me by PM, i will be thankful ! )

I'm a student in 3D animation and VFX, and the main reason of why i'm here is that because my private school is too expesive ... So i would like to make money to help me to paid the 4 years study i have to do, and i really love what i do and dont want too stop just for a lack of money ... !

So i will glad to received some tip for neophyte like me who are really motivated and want to learn !
I'm curious, eclectic and a hard worker and i generally learn fast, so if you want to be my mentor PM me :)

I sleep only 3hours per night so i'm free at night.

Thanks for reading !
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Thanks TayaX for your tips !

If anyone has any tips, everything is good to know ! And i'm curious to know wich activity is the more interresting for making money to your opinion ? And why ? I would like to have my own opinion but i'm laking of knowledge.

Debate launched !
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