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    somewhere on this god forsaken planet
    i everyone. Yep another new member :D This is the first forum I have joined dedicated to monetizing and other money makeing ideas. I have read quite a few posts and fount quite a few good ideas i.e torrents monetizing ;) sounds like a good idea. I've also had a look at the SEO sections as this is fairly new to me

    I was haveing a quick read over the adsense sections both blackhat and white hat and am kinda confused over something GOOGLE!!! some members say its possible to use blackhat methods and not get banned yet others say that its near on impossible.I recently obtained a book that explained how to use a DMR on Google and get away with it but from what I have read on this site some members dont recomend it! So to save me makeing a new pointless thread. I'm going to start my membership with a question. Is it possible to getaway with useing this method on google if you play it safe and don't get greedy?

    Other than that I look forward to getting to know you all and shareing my ideas as i learn more :cool:
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    Welcome aboard :)

    If one thing should be totally obvious from the existence of such a thriving community, is that many things work. ;)
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